Satsang Meditation Gatherings in Waimea

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Satsang Meditation Gathering


Teachings of Awakening in WAIMEA

A Sunday afternoon of silent sitting and walking meditation with a monologue followed by dialogue, inquiry and discussion together.

From 2:00 PM to 6:30 PM 

At Rose Cottage    laelae Way, Waimea

Directions to Rose College

Surrendering into the beauty and truth of who and what we really are, is an ever-present possibility.

If we looked all over the world, we would find no one more deserving of our lovingkindness than ourselves.

What would happen if we allowed everything to be exactly as it is, without the need for control or security, embracing all of life in each and every moment of its preciousness?

To be happy, all we need do is relinquish our demands upon this moment.

Silent togetherness affords us the opportunity to step back from the activities of daily life and step into the unknown together. Within a sacred environment that offers both limited structure and wholehearted support, this gathering is an opportunity to realize the Truth of our being and the Nature of Existence, as we dedicate ourselves to the possibility of Awakening to the deepest Truth of who we are.

Groups are non-denominational and open to all. Experienced and beginning meditators welcome. Meditation guidance is offered. Bring your own meditation cushion. Chairs are available.

In deference to those with chemical sensitivities and allergies related to animals, please do not wear heavily fragranced products or bring pets to any of Gavin’s events. We thank you for your consideration.

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