Gavin’s Teachings of Awakening are rooted in the Teachings of the Buddha, and the practices of Lovingkindness and Insight Meditation.

Opening to experience from a place of deepening stillness we increasingly receive life without argument, demand or preconception, and with more love, balance and freedom. There slowly flowers a capacity of heart/mind to be with things as they are, accepting pleasure and pain, fear and joy and all aspects of life with increasing Care, Equanimity and Kindness. As Insight deepens, True Understanding and Compassion ripen. We enter the heart of life, where awakening to the deepest Truth of who we really are becomes an ever-present possibility. We discover the Ocean of Love we always have been and open to an inherent Intelligence and Presence that was always there, awaiting our arrival! A shift of identity unfolds as we increasingly dis-identify with the contraction and smallness that we once thought ourselves to be, opening to a fullness and vastness more beautiful than we ever could have imagined.


Having lived and worked all over the world in diverse cultures, Gavin brings breadth, depth and universality to his teaching, and sensitivity to the differences among people.He is committed to bringing the ancient teachings alive in ways that are authentic and accessible in our current times. His teachings draw from many spiritual paths including the Muslim-Sufi and Christian mystical traditions.

“A willingness to begin again and again and again is the heart of any spiritual practice of liberation.”

Retreats and meditation groups are offered in a context of silence and include periods of sitting and walking meditation with guided instructions, along with talks and opportunities for discussion, dialogue and inquiry. Gavin’s teachings are non-denominational and open to people of all traditions. Experienced and beginning meditators are always welcome.

“The recognition within us
of that which is always Awake,
Loving, Silent and ever present —
this the central concern of
meditation practice.”

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