4 1/2 hour Silent Meditation Satsang Retreats in Waimea

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4 1/2 Hour Silent Meditation Satsang* Retreats

 at Rose Cottage

Lae Lae Way, Waimea

From 2:00 PM to 6:30 PM 

It is the nature of the mind to want to feel safe; to know what is going to happen in an imagined future. Yet we are living in the time when the illusion of external certainty, security and predictability is revealing itself to be the illusion it always has been.

However, if there is a willingness to not follow the mind and instead rest deeply in the present, in the Now, there is an increasing recognition of an inherent and unchanging  safety, peace, joy and freedom that has nothing to do with what’s going on around us. This is our true nature. This is who we really are. When there is no projection into the dream of a future, one begins to realize that the external play of change, which once dictated our degree of happiness or unhappiness, is increasingly irrelevant. We stabilize in the light and luminosity of our being which does not come and does not go. This is true freedom. This is unconditional love. And recognition is our birthright.

True happiness boils down to the recognition of who we really are. Everything in addition is distraction. Every retreat is singularly pointing to this sacred possibility and realization.

A Sunday afternoon of silent sitting and walking meditation with a monologue followed by dialogue, inquiry and discussion together.

Silent togetherness affords us the opportunity to step back from the activities of daily life and step into the unknown together. Within a sacred environment that offers both limited structure and wholehearted support, this gathering is an opportunity to realize the Truth of our being and the Nature of Existence, as we dedicate ourselves to the possibility of Awakening to the deepest Truth of who we are.

Groups are non-denominational and open to all. Experienced and beginning meditators welcome. Meditation guidance is offered. Bring your own meditation cushion. Chairs are available.

In deference to those with chemical sensitivities and allergies related to animals, please do not wear heavily fragranced products or bring pets to any of Gavin’s events. We thank you for your consideration.

*Satsang is a Sanskrit word meaning “An association with Truth.”

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The suggested donation for these mini-retreats is $25-$35.

For Hilo-carpooling information please contact Jatta Tapio (415-713-0341) or email.

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