I first met Gavin Harrison in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1981. From the beginning meditation weekend, Gavin has become a long time student, friend, and colleague whose special gifts now shine so profoundly through this book. Through an extraordinary journey of suffering, shared in these times by so many others, Gavin has forged an understanding infused with wisdom and compassion. It is a wisdom grounded in the meditation practice of the Buddha’s teachings, and a compassion born from his own great open heart.

How do we cope with the trauma of abuse, with the onslaught of disease, or with the simple tribulations of our daily life? And in the midst of it all, how can we connect with the purity of awareness that remains are unfailing refuge? In the Lap of the Buddha points us to the inner strength and courage we all have, although sometimes overlook.

A deep personal odyssey gave birth to this book. A timeless wisdom emerges from it. I’m grateful to Gavin for this gift of Dharma. Only someone who lives the teaching could have written it.

Joseph Goldstein

Barre, Massachusetts

New Year, 1994

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