Foreword by Joseph Goldstein



Approaching Suffering

  • An Almost Perfect Dream
  • Beyond the Walls
  • The Spiritual Journey


Opening to Suffering

  • Suffering and Compassion
  • The Way of Insight Meditation
  • Instructions for Insight Meditation
  • Our Personal Drama and Beyond


Aspects of Meditation

  • Beyond the Grip of Fear
  • Working with Pain
  • Face to Face with Mortality
  • Fear of Death
  • Working with Anger
  • Self-Hatred and Self-Love
  • Transforming the Legacy of Abuse


Meditations of the Heart

  • The Divine Abodes
  • Lovingkindness
  • Compassion
  • Sympathetic Joy
  • Equanimity
  • Forgiveness



  • Faith, Doubt, and Self-Acceptance
  • Karma “Why Me?”


Living with Love

  • A Healthy Foundation for Meditation
  • Generosity and Selflessness
  • The First Precept: Refrain from Harming
  • The Second Precept: Refrain from Stealing
  • The Third Precept: Refrain from False Speech
  • The Fourth Precept: Refrain from Sexual Misconduct
  • The Fifth Precept: Refrain from Needless Use of Intoxicants
  • Family and Community
  • Dancing with Life and Death



Suggested Reading

Meditation Center Information

Acknowledgments and Credits


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