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October 25, 2018

I go to sleep missing and loving my dear friend Saucha Gavin Harrison who died unexpectedly last night. I have been with him on the precipice of death many times before over the past 30 years. But last night he had a heart attack on a plane while on his way to serve others. Though I must find another term because Gavin’s heart would never attack anyone let alone his own sweet soul.

Born in South Africa, honored by H.H the Dalai Lama, he lived many lifetimes in this one precious life. Monk, poet, sweet loyal friend, meditator, author, protector of sea turtles, activist, spiritual teacher and lover of the Divine. A life fully lived.

Kind heart, tenacious body, boundless mind, beloved spirit I trust you know the way. Walk awe inspired in the radiance of the Mystery.

A few lines from his poem found in “Petals and Blood” his collection of love poems to Ecstacy, Awakening, and Annihilation.


Don’t be too quick  to cross the threshold
from this world to the one calling you Home.

You may wish to hesitate for a moment
before beginning your Great Adventure.

For the bridge upon which you walk shall disappear behind you.

And a great unknowingness will obscure the way ahead.

Listen to the voices of madness calling you Home.

Come naked into The Mystery.

Toss your garments to the winds.

This is a high path, no railings.

Everything for nothing.

Welcome to the insane asylum.

If deep within you there lives a devotion to this insanity,
keep walking.

If not, hug tight your clothing.

Return to the land of the sleeping.

You may wish to move swiftly.

Remember, the bridge is disappearing behind you.


You have probably crossed the line already.

Here, hold my hand.

It takes one lunatic to recognize another.

Donations to Woza Moya in memory of Gavin can be made through South Coast Foundation

South Coast Foundation is matching all donation made in Gavin’s name to Woza Moya.

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Gavin passed 2018-10-24

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