The Waimea Meditation Group met again at the always welcoming and cozy Waimea Events Salon on a beautiful late summer day.  It’s nice to see and meet new faces coming to the group for the first time and acknowledge those seen before knowing there is some bond there, beyond words.  The topic for discussion was compassion and how that may manifest in one’s own life.  With Gavin’s gentle and practical hand, discernment was made between pity, being a doormat, giving with an agenda and true compassion, which is often a natural outflow of a devoted spiritual practice.  As a special treat, the group viewed Gavin’s slideshow of his beloved South Africa and the Woza Moya center there – residents, children and those dedicated to serving the community –an uplifting and inspiring  example of compassion in action.  Thank you, Gavin, for your guidance, grace, fearlessness and humor!



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