On Saturday morning, July 7, 2012 I followed the winding road through Hawi to Kapa‘au and the beautiful Bond Estate to meet with Gavin Harrison and a small group of like minded silent meditation hikers to share in an experience that lifted my soul and combined my love for the island and with my deeper awareness of my inner self.  Gavin brought us all together in the most peaceful and respectful manner to begin a one and a half hour meditation walk structured to support us to discover the incredible beauty of the land in a stress free and spiritual walk through forest, jungle and macadamia nut orchards. We enjoyed the sound of a waterfall, nibbled on Strawberry Guava fruit and took in all the smells of pure unadulterated nature. Only the sound of the chime by Gavin interrupted our silence. The chime brought us back from our thoughts to stop for a minute and take in the beauty around us. As we proceeded on our quiet journey we easily found our way back to where we started. Saturdays with Gavin are a unique exploration… not to be missed check here.

Michael K. Tonjum

Santa Rosa

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